A Glimpse Into the World of c.foto -- Christopher Fung

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Hi there! Welcome to my gallery and thank you for stopping by! I'm Chris, and here's where I upload my work for the public to see. Photography is a fascinating hobby. Think of a camera as a time machine. Whenever you take a photograph, time capsules are created where your favorite and most precious moments are frozen in time. Capture moments that leave you in awe or strike a cord in your mind. Then one day, look back into the past reminisce. They may bring a tear to your eye. Most of the pictures are taken with a D200. Please feel free to leave any criticisms or comments and possibly a link to your own gallery! They will be greatly appreciated. Once again, thanks for popping by and I hope it's been a pleasant visit! Cheers! Chris "A photograph can be an instant of life that will never cease looking back at you." -Brigitte Bardot